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Apparel and Clothing

Apparel and Clothing Manufacturing

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Apparel and Clothing

Zeriatex Apparel & Clothing produces high quality, design-led woven and woven women’s wear. With a well-established team in manufacturing soft separates including;  Shirts and blouses, dresses, skirts, trousers and outerwear. We also have the expertise to source and design needs to realize our customer’s vision.

Ethical Trading and Corporate Responsibility

We hold the values of ethical trading practices and our corporate responsibility in the highest possible regard. As a member of Sedex, we provide annual reports for 100% visibility. Our Corporate Responsibility team works with all of our subcontractors on Apparel and Clothing to ensure the same standards are in place. These subcontractors are also audited by accredited 3rd party audit companies, and their SMETA reports presented to Sedex. We also support a host of other initiatives that raise awareness on health, the environment and social responsibility.

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We Design For You

With over 10 Apparel and Clothing designers across Zeriatex Clothing, the design is at the heart of everything we do Using inspiration and processes that hold trend, style and quality at the forefront,
our team creates in-house showroom collections considering everything from the catwalk to street style and current market trends.

We Design With You

We can also help interpret your vision. Taking your ideas and inspiration, whether this is colour palettes, mood boards, sketching, CAD design, or key items, however much you want to get involved, our design team can work closely with your team to bring your ideas to life.

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Zeriatex is the sister company of Hasozgen Clothing, specializing in print and fabrics. With over 5 people in the creative design team, every new print is sourced or created in line with our customers’ needs, current market trends and the latest catwalk styles. With a huge and diverse print collection and range of fabrics, covering woven bases, we cater for every taste imaginable, from price-sensitive to luxury high-end.


Zeriatex Clothing has the benefit of having its own highly skilled garment Manufacturing factory in Turkey, which existing industry standards. With flexible production capabilities, our factory is designed to produce soft separate garments of the highest quality.


clothing manufacturers, Turkey clothing, Textile Bussiness, Apparel & Clothing

From a sketch to the produced item.

Construction patterns and marker making, grading of patterns and
preparation for production. We have a lot of reliable suppliers and can take care of fabric and sewing accessories’ Orders for your items.


We produce women apparel. Our company consists of one cutting knit equipped with “Kuris” cutting machine, one construction and sample sewing unit and two sewing units. In sewing units, we use “Brother”, “Durkopp Adler”, “Juki” and “Veit” machines. We produce a wide range of women apparel: dresses, skirts, trousers, blouses & etc from  different fabric.


 The quality starts with the stock of materials.

The implemented quality control system covers all cycle of production. The control starts from the stock of materials to the finished items in the warehouse. Experienced quality controllers
participate in the whole process of production and control of each produced item and employee separately.

Apparel and Clothing Manufacturing Detail:

– Design, Colours and styling details can be done of your choice.
– Zeriatex produces clothing in measurement specifications of your choice.
– Zeria Textile also arrange custom labels prints and embroideries of your requirement.
– All packing requirements and materials, tags, polybags, cartons can be arranged as per your
– Minimum Order Quantity please Contact Our Office

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